Green Roofs

Tony Britskey

Tony Britskey

CEO, Metro Roofing

Since the advancements in new technologies in roofing systems Green Roofs have become a priority for many cities in North America. Leading the way in green roof systems is the city of Toronto.

“Since 2006, the City of Toronto has been a leader in municipal green roof policy. Toronto’s Green Roof Strategy and Green Roof Bylaw have stimulated a local green roof industry and created a new roofscape for the City. In 2016, Toronto was recognized for the first time as having the most green roof area installed of all North American cities according to the 13th Annual Green Roof Industry Survey.” According to the City of Toronto’s own website.

When considering Green Roof systems several factors need to be taken into account. First how to ensure the roof is properly waterproofed and how to ensure that there is adequate drainage.  Soprema is a leader around the globe in waterproofing membranes and supplies a wide variety of roofing products. We at metro Roofing Inc have installing Soprema products for over 30 years. You can find all the various information you will need for a green roof at the link below.


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