Hand Nailing vs. Pneumatic Nailing

Tony Britskey

Tony Britskey

CEO, Metro Roofing

Over the years the roofing industry like many others has changed with advances in technology.

In years gone by cedar, asphalt and slate tiles were all done by hand nailing the fasteners.  Nowadays roofing applicators prefer to use pneumatic nail guns to install these products except for slate. Which is too brittle to use a nail gun on.  Using a nail gun can dramatically increase the productivity of the tile installer. It takes years to acquire the rhythm and dexterity to install shingles by hand. Not so with a pneumatic nailer. However they are some draw backs to using a nail gun that most laymen may not be aware of.  When using a nail gun it is critical to set the nail gun at the right pressure or nails will blow right thru the fiberglass shingles.  Factors that affect this are the type of shingle being used, ambient temperature during application and what type of decking its being applied to.  The other factor that determines a successful installation is the angle at which the nail gun is positioned.  It’s important that the nail gun is lined up perpendicular to the roof so the nail enters flush to the roof. Of course for the installer there are fewer traumas to the body and an applicator can wear gloves in cold weather without inhibiting the functionality. And no more hitting ones fingers with the hammer!

As a professional with over 40 years of field experience I choose to use the Hitachi NV45AB2. You can even purchase them online at places like Walmart.


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