New snow removal tool review

Tony Britskey

Tony Britskey

CEO, Metro Roofing

Winters in Toronto tend to fluctuate all lot more than years gone by with the advent of climate

This poses new problems for buildings owner trying to maintain their properties.  In the past the roofers would use a regular snow shovel or a piece of plywood fixed to a long two by four to clear the snow.

With new innovations like the “Avalanche Snow Removal Tool” all that has changed. Now you can remove snow safely. The great thing about this gadget is they have different models for different roof types which are designed not to damage your shingles.  The 500 model works for most shingle types and the 750 model works on tile, cedar shake or metal roofs. They even have longer extensions so you reach hard to get at areas.

They can be purchased online at Amazon. You see how they function by watching the video link below.

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