Roof cleaning: Helpful tips and insights.

Tony Britskey

Tony Britskey

CEO, Metro Roofing

As you raise your head to inspect your roof, you see some of the shingles have a black substance growing on them. Is that something that has grown there, like mold, mildew, or soil? It’s most likely green growth in that unidentified slime called Moss and black growth called Algae. Greenery flourishes in damp, shaded environments. People go to great lengths to clean their homes from the inside out, but when it comes to the roof it is arguably the most neglected part of the house. 

This article will discuss why roof cleaning is necessary, especially in Toronto with its changing weather conditions.

Let’s deep dive straight into the four major reasons:

1. Prevents roof damage caused by varying weather conditions

Downpours and snowfalls ended up offenders in pulverizing the roof’s sturdiness, as changing weather gets to be one of the major causes of roof debris and debilitating. Moisture and water buildup can make your roof looks tidy because of the various growths (such as mold and algae) that try to hide in the spaces between the shingles and hinges. This is extremely detrimental not only to the stability of the roof but also to the health of the occupants. The goal of roof cleaning is to kill and remove algae and moss growth. To kill these bacteria on roofs, cleaning professionals use chlorine bleach, just as you use bleach to scrub your toilet and whiten your clothes.

2. The roof’s lifespan is doubled and long-term savings. 

There is no sense in replacing a roof sooner than need be since it is such a significant investment. However, frequent cleaning is necessary to extend the life of roofs. A clean roof can increase its lifespan by up to twice its current lifespan. When your roof is cleaned, especially if it’s been a while, it seems as if you just put a new roof on. Long-term savings are possible with a simple roof cleaning as the roof will be maintained continuously so that you don’t have to replace it sooner.

3. Maintains the roof’s energy efficiency.

When we talk about energy-efficient roofs one of the most sensible choices we could make for a roofing system is metal roofing and tile roofing. Though they are very energy-efficient when they are first installed, however, if you want them to retain their energy efficiency, you need to take good care of them. Regular cleaning of your roof will keep it in good shape and enable your living spaces to remain protected from the elements. A mold and algae-free roof also reflect more sunlight, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in winter. As a result, you’ll have to run the air conditioner and furnace less often, which will save you money and the environment.

4. It keeps your roof looking incredibly clean.

When you, your friends, or neighbors look up at your clean roof, the styles and patterns of the tiles you chose can be fully appreciated. If you decide to sell your home, it’s important to curb its desirability. Buyers want homes that look as good on the outside as they do on the inside, and a clean roof certainly has the neat feel buyers are looking for.

Hire a Professional for Roof Cleaning in Toronto

The roof structure is built to last, but to ensure that it continues to function flawlessly, consider professionally cleaning roofs in Toronto on a regular basis. 

Fortunately, there are numerous roof cleaning services available today. You won’t have any trouble finding them. The only things to look out for are their prices and the method they use to clean roofs. Although the standard process includes bleach and water, a gentle wash is still required to ensure that your roof looks clean and is not damaged in the long run by pressure washing. Given the time and dangers involved in the cleaning process, hiring a professional is a better option.

Metro Roofing in Toronto is here to save you from all of the hassle and difficulty. Our employees are trained to know what type of cleaning is required for each type of roof. We have the necessary equipment and cleaning solutions to keep your roof clean and tidy, as well as to improve the curb appearance of your home.

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